Aug 22, 2011

Paul McCartney - "Here We Are In Ghent..." - Paul McCartney On Flemish Public Radio And Television

Publisher: Kairos Records
Reference: KR004
Date: 2004
The complete Paul McCartney interviews for Flemish Public Radio and 
Television Uncut.

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On Thursday 18 May 1989, Andre Vermeulen called his friend and ex-colleague 
Johan Ral to ask if he would come along the following Monday to Hilversum, 
The Netherlands, where he was going to interview Paul McCartney for the TV-news 
of the VRT, the Flemish Public Radio and Television network. McCartney was 
coming to the Concordia TV Studios to participate in Veronica's Countdown, then 
hosted by Wessel van Diepen, to promote Flowers In The Dirt and the latest 
single taken from it, My Brave Face.
During the Countdown show, which was broadcast on 24 May 1989, Paul McCartney 
and his band performed some live improvisations and mimed to the songs How Many 
People and My Brave Face.
At the time, Johan was working for Kredietbank (now called KBC), in charge of 
Internal and External Communication. He decided he'd go along and try to 
persuade Sir Paul to dedicate the sleeve of the CD single to an auction in 
favour of Kom Op Tegen Kanker, a cancer research project that was sponsored by 
both the VRT and Kredietbank, which he kindly agreed to do in the end. What you 
see on this DVD is the result of these encounters - uncut.
With Andre Vermeulen, Sir Paul speaks about his "Russian Album", Glasnost and 
talking to Russian fans on the BBC World Service, as well as his upcoming world 
tour, Flowers In The Dirt and working with Elvis Costello. They also discuss the 
difference between being a Beatle in the sixties and being Paul McCartney in 
1989, Yesterday, McCartney's greatest moments and disappointments, his film 
projects (announcing what would become Daumier's Law *), his ambitions as 
a painter, and his definition of "good music".
Andre Vermeulen's interview was broadcast the next day, on 23 May. McCartney's 
promoting of Kom Op Tegen Kanker was used in the Kom Op Tegen Kanker Journaal 
on 23 and 24 May.
The short discussion between Sir Paul and Johan Ral on why McCartney changed 
the lyrics to Here, There And Everywhere for the Give My Regards To Broad Street 
movie and CD, even leaving out a whole verse (!), has been unseen footage until 
this day.

* On 31 May 1989, Paul McCartney was presented with a very rare lithograph of 
Plate 55 from Les Bons Bourgeois by Honors Damier during the French television 
show Sacree Soiree. The litho was later used to illustrate a 12" vinyl single 
of Figure Of Eight and Ou est le Soleil?

Spanning a period of 15 years, these unique conversations are complementary to 
each other in content and approach, offering a fascinating insight in the world 
of Paul McCartney and the way he handles media interviews.

In this exclusive double set, hear and see Paul McCartney speak about:
- his "Russian Album" and Glasnost
- his greatest moments and disappointments
- his ambitions as a film maker and as a painter
- the first Wings tour and touring the world in 1989, 1993 and 2003
- the musicians in his bands
- warming up before a concert and being nervous on stage
- his crusading for vegetarism, animal rights and the environment
- (not) showing his vulnerable side
- the Belgian painter Magritte as an inspiration for the Apple logo
- collaborating with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr... and Elvis 
- performing Here Today and Something live
- the burning of Beatles records in the Bible Belt
- playing the Hofner bass on stage
- McCartney-Lennon versus Lennon-McCartney
- his personal Top 3 of McCartney songs.

You will also see him being taught to say "Ik ben Paul McCartney en ik kom op 
tegen kanker" ("I am Paul McCartney and I'm fighting against cancer") in Dutch 
for a Flemish fund raising campaign in favour of cancer research - and 
illustrating the sleeve of the My Brave Face CD single.

01. Johan Ral For Studio Brussel  - Flanders Expo, Ghent - 17 October 1993. 
                                    Interview between the soundcheck and the New 
                                    World Tour concert. Edited version broadcast 
                                    on 5 November 1993 on the occasion of the 
                                    launch of 'Paul Is Live'.
02. Evert Venema For Radio Donna  - Telephone interview before the first Antwerp 
                                    concert of the Back In The World Tour - 
                                    1 April 2003. Edited version broadcast on 
                                    the same day.
03. Jan Leyers For Radio 2        - Sportpalais, Antwerp - 2 April 2003. 
                                    Interview between the soundcheck and the 
                                    second Antwerp concert of the Back In The 
                                    World Tour. Edited version broadcast on 
                                    3 April 2003 on Radio 2 (and also on 6 April 
                                    2003 in Classic Rock on Classic 21).

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