May 2, 2011

A Tribute To George Harrison (Westwood One)

Publisher: Westwood One
Reference: No
Date: 2001

This tribute show was syndicated to subscriber radio stations for broadcast
during the week of December 01, 2001 and made available for a time, on their
Disc 2 was presented exclusively on Westwood One's website. Interviews from
numerous sources, including some from Westwood One exclusive interviews,
presented for the first time without background music.

Disc 1
01. Paul Statement Re George's Death
02. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
03. George On Aspirations
04. Paul On Introducing George Into The Beatles
05. Rock And Roll Music
06. George Talking About Hamburg
07. Three Cool Cats
08. George On Being Under Age In Hamburg
09. Bad Boy
10. Twist And Shout
11. Ed Sullivan Introduction
12. All My Loving
13. George On Why We're Here
14. Her Comes The Sun
15. Love You To
16. Ravi Shankar On George
17. Within You Without You
18. George On Meditation
19. I Need You
20. George On Eric Clapton
21. Eric Clapton On Beatles
22. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
23. Something
24. George On Fame
25. My Sweet Lord
26. George On Bangla Desh Concert
27. Bangla Desh
28. George On Being A Recluse
29. I Got My Mind Set On You
30. Paul On How He'll Remember George
31. All Things Must Pass

Disc 2
01. George Montage 60
02. Born To Be A Beatle George
03. George Station Promo
04. Paul Tells How George Joined
05. George Learned His Limitations
06. The Beatles Peak For Playing Live Was In Hamburg
07. How The Beatle Name Came About
08. Recalls The Cavern Jazz Club
09. We Were Tight
10. Made It Up As We Went Along
11. How The BBC Songs Were Recorded
12. More On The BBC Recordings
13. George Reads A Card On BBC Radio
14. Asked To Sing Roll Over Beethoven On BBC Radio
15. Interviewed On BBC Radio With A Cold
16. Interview 1963 How Life Is Different For Him Now
17. Interview 1963 What Happens Next
18. Interview On 'Ready Steady Go' 1964
19. Interview With Dusty Springfield 1964
20. Paul On George's Fondness For Indian Music
21. George Asked About The Sitar By The Press
22. On How There Was Low Crime During The Sullivan Show
23. Ringo On George's Songwriting
24. George On His Songwriting Role In The Beatles
25. George Martin On George's Songwriting
26. On 'Here Comes The Sun'
27. How He Wrote 'Don't Bother Me'
28. On Writing 'Something'
29. On Writing 'While My Guitar Gentry Weeps'
30. On Writing 'I Me Mine'
31. He Wasn't Lennon Or McCartney
32. It Was Difficult To Get His Songs In
33. What Is A Hit - Different Music
34. On Possibly Writing With Paul
35. George On 'Drive My Car'
36. Paul Recalls 'Hey Jude' And George's Help
37. Paul Brags About 'Something'
38. George Talks About The Press To A Reporter
39. Watch Themselves Regarding The Press
40. Just Keep On Keeping On
41. Beatles Wasn't That Big Of A Thing
42. On Being Loved And Hated By Fans
43. On 'All You Need Is Love'
44. Beatles Invented Music Videos
45. On Taking LSD For The First Time
46. Remembers John Lennon
47. John Comments On George's Music
48. We Gave Our Nervous Systems
49. On Money Problems
50. We Were Tight As Friends
51. The Beatles Seems Like A Previous Life
52. You Can Never 'Split'
53. Not Worried About Being In Public
54. Doesn't Fear For His Life
55. From 17 To 57 - 40 Years Have Gone By
56. What Was It Like To Be A Beatle
57. Plans For Further Songwriting
58. Why He Remade 'My Sweet Lord'
59. My Sweet Lord

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