May 8, 2011

John Lennon - Telecasts

Publisher: Telecasts
Reference: no # 1996
Date: 1996

CD release of John Lennon & Yoko Ono's performences on USA TV show from
1971-72. LP version previously available in the U.S. Adds three tracks
from Jerry Lewis Telethon.

01. John Sinclair           "Flower power doesn't count" John says as
                            an intro to this song/acoustic jam.
02. It's So Hard            This songs sounds a bit muddled but nice live
03. The Luck Of The Irish   Contains a glich on recording after first verse,
                            that appeared also in LP version.
04. Sisters O Sisters       Unplugged Yoko song with John on acoustic guitar
05. We're All Water         Yoko Ono sings on this ditty
06. Woman Is The Nigger     Great live version of the controversial song
    Of The World            from the 70's, still rocks today
07. Attica State            Unplugged jam sung by both John & Yoko, sounds
                            kind of muddled, but still cool
08. Midsummer New York      Another Yoko Ono jam
09. Sakura                  An old Japanese folk song, that Yoko says that
                            easy to learn, meaning of the song is Cherry
                            Blossom... simple but lovely acosutic song.
10. Memphis, Tennessee      John jams with Chuck Berry
11. Johnny B. Goode         John once again jams with Chuck Berry
12. Imagine                 " the mic on..." John says
                            before he sings the song.
13. Imagine                 Vocal is up front and piano is background in
                            this version.
14. Now Or Never            Yoko Ono wrote this song for this occasion
                            Jerry Lewis Telethon
15. Give Peace A Chance     John calls this his reggae version. A moving
                            tribute/speech to John by Jerry Lewis at end of
                            the song.

Tracks 1, 7: from David Frost show January 13, 1972
Tracks 2-4: from Mike Douglas show February 14, 1972
Tracks 5, 6: from Dick Cavett show May 11, 1972
Tracks 8-12: from Mike Douglas show February 18, 1972
Tracks 13-15: from Jerry Lewis Telethon September 6, 1972
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