Dec 15, 2013

Gratitude post

Hi there!
First of all I want thank you everyone who voted. The result has exceeded all my expectations! I was dreamed about dozen votes, and that would be more than enough for me to re-new the blog. But almost hundred!..
Thank you very much for your kindness and patience.

Next, I want to beg your pardon for non-posting anything for so long time. And I want to ask you to wait some more, as I have some troubles with my provider (low uploading speed and disconnects). I hope to solve them in this year and start posting in the New one.

Meanwhile, if you had missed some material from my previous posts, please let me know by leaving a comment on that post. I'll re-upload that stuff along with new material. Of course, that won't be all at once, but one by one.

Also, I think the way all material will be shared should be different from the way it was before:
- when possible, everything be uploaded as single file (I think each file be up to 1GB);
- no direct download links on the main post, but the link in comments;
- the published link will be to a txt file, which have inside direct links to actual file(s);
- password will be still added, but different in every post, be posted also in comments;
- as possible file servers I consider: GoogleDrive (only 15GB), Mega (50GB), MediaFire (only 10GB), iFolder (500MB per file), TurboBit (45 days from last download), DepositFiles (90 days from last download). I open to examine other servers, so if you have some in view, please let me know.

Any suggestions and critics be welcomed!


  1. I prefer mega, as its very fast even on opposite side od the planet (central europe) :)

  2. - 1TB for free (for each account, you can register many of them) - 200GB, same.

    1. That a good idea with, but I have to check how fast it would be for the rest of the world.
      There're 3GB of space offered on, I think 200GB were offered only members who used their old and faulty version of software. I didn't.

  3. Sorry I never got a chance to vote, as I had no internet at the time, but I understand the dilemma. Indeed, link in comments is safest. For a long time already, that has been the preferred way and all the blogs that have done that are still around.
    Although Mega is still quite new, It is certainly my preferred choice. I think the key however, is to have a backup that you *don't* publish the links to, unless the first one goes down. Obviously you would need one that doesn't require downloads to stay active. Because of it's capacity, would be the best choice.. So, Mega for links, and for backup.
    That's my suggestion, anyways.


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