Jan 12, 2012

John Lennon - A Spaniard In The Works

Publisher: Bakhall
Reference: BAKCD9713
Date: 1997
01. My Life
02. Interview
03. Dear John
04. Interview
05. Lord, Take This Makeup Off Me
06. Interview
07. Make Love Not War
08. Interview
09. Here We Go Again
10. Interview
11. Interview

Track 01: Recorded in the Dakota building, New York late 1979. Was later combined
          with "Don’t Be Crazy” and reworked into ”(Just Like) Starting Over".
Track 02: John talks about how he met Yoko and about their relationship.
Track 03: Home recording from the Dakota apartment, November 1980. Possibly
          the last song John ever wrote, only a few weeks before his death.
Track 04: John talks about the cosmic joke Number 9, the paradoxy of 
          responsibility and the idea of leadership as a false God.
Track 05: Bob Dylan-parody - home recording from the mid or late seventies.
Track 06: John talks about how important it is for everyone to produce their own 
          dreams and got their own ways.
Track 07: Recorded at Tittenhurst in England, late 1970. This song later
          developed into the song "Mind Games”.
Track 08: John talks about the rock star life.
Track 09: Demo recording made before the sessions for the album Rock'n'Roll in 
          October 1973. The finished version of the song was released on 
          the "Menlove Avenue" album in 1986.
Track 10: John talks about pacifists that got shot, Gandhi, Martin Luther King.
Track 11: Yoko talks about her feeling that John's spirit is still there.

All interview tracks are taken from the interviews which John and Yoko gave to 
the reporter David Sheff in the autumn of 1980.
Except Track 11 -  taken from an interview that Yoko gave to Elliot Mintz in 1981

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